[Goodies-dev] xfce4-power-manager turning off monitor on lid close

Adam Black adam at fastmail.com.au
Mon Oct 19 12:14:23 CEST 2009

Ali Abdallah wrote:
> Adam wrote:
>> Ali Abdallah wrote:
>>> That's why i said isn't related to the running power manager, i mean
>>> DPMSForceLevel DPMSModeOn should turn on the screen, if not then dpms
>>> is broken for your system, and i think it should be reported to X guys.
>> Are you sure about this?
>> I tried doing the exact same thing on my desktop PC and "xset dpms force
>> on" only enabled the backlight but the screen was still blank. I'm not
>> running a screensaver on this PC either.
> Yes i'm sure, i start to drought about your setup, please post your 
> setup on the bugzilla report, (distro, Xorg version).

I've added the details to the bug report. I should mention the two 
setups are completely different. The desktop PC I was talking about 
earlier runs Gentoo and my laptop runs Arch Linux.

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