[Goodies-dev] [Bug 4690] xfce4-sensors-plugin crashed with SIGSEGV in free() at every reboot

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--- Comment #7 from Dave Witbrodt <dawitbro at sbcglobal.net>  2009-03-23 00:18:59 UTC ---
I am a Debian user, and I am experiencing the same bug as what is being
reported in this thread.  The previous version ( was
working fine for me, but the most recent update in Debian Sid (
caused the plugin to fail with a backtrace whenever I tried to add in to the
panel, or whenever I login (if the plugin is already configured to open).

My normal procedure would be to submit the bug report on the Debian BTS, and I
did so, but it looks like the main Debian XFCE maintainer is gone for the next
two weeks.  I have come here hoping to save Yves-Alexis some trouble.

I posted some backtrace info on the Debian BTS, and successfully used 'gdb' to
get a better quality backtrace after being give some instruction by
Yves-Alexis.  After locating the line where the crash occurs, I investigated
the source code and discovered that g_free() was often being run on an
uninitialized variable.  A full explanation can be read here:


Immediately following that post, I provided a patch that restores
to a working condition for me again.  I doubt that code that I used for the fix
is appropriate for the upstream source tree, so I was hoping that a developer
here could  1) verify that my diagnosis is correct, and  2) produce code fix
more appropriate than the one I'm using at the moment on my own system.

HTH, and thanks for all the efforts of the XFCE developer team!
Dave W.

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