[Goodies-dev] Feature request Terminal

Alexander Iliev sasoiliev at mamul.org
Sun Mar 22 01:49:25 CET 2009

Mike Massonnet wrote:
> Please bottom-post.
> Le Sat, 21 Mar 2009 16:14:27 +0100,
> 0xc0decafe <0xc0decafe at googlemail.com> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> thanks for the fast answer !
>> you're right, the tabs are a lot smaler now, but unfortunately the
>> close button disappears (which is very useful, if some app crashes
>> the shell and ctrg+d isn't working anymore)
>> i just took a second look into the code and thought about how to
>> control the size. i recognized that the size depends on the picture
>> used for the closed button. i'm not that deep in gtk, so i don't know
>> if there is a way to dynamically resize pictures.
>> is there a shortcut in replace of the close button, as that would fit
>> my needs perfectly ;-)
> There are two ways, 1) right click the tab and select Close tab 2) go
> to edit > preferences > shortcuts, the default shortcut to close the
> tab (!= closing the shell) is ctrl+shift+w.

A middle click on the tab will do the job as well.

Alexander Iliev

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