[Goodies-dev] [Bug 3818] weekdays in Russian are displayed ugly in forecast tab

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Tue Mar 10 15:12:59 CET 2009


--- Comment #6 from Sergey Fedoseev <fedoseev.sergey at gmail.com>  2009-03-10 14:12:58 UTC ---
I get this bug with ru_RU.UTF-8 locale.

About 'strftime' function from

Function: size_t strftime (char *s, size_t size, const char *template, const
struct tm *brokentime)
The size parameter can be used to specify the maximum number of characters to
be stored in the array s, including the terminating null character. If the
formatted time requires more than size characters, strftime returns zero and
the _contents of the array s are undefined_. Otherwise the return value
indicates the number of characters placed in the array s, not including the
terminating null character.

In general case 'undefined' != 'UTF-8 encoded string' =). So I guess string
size is *this* problem.

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