[Goodies-dev] New goody proposal: Xfce frontend of the system tools backends.

Ali Abdallah aliov at xfce.org
Tue Apr 21 18:48:26 CEST 2009

Hi guys,

I'm proposing a new goody which might be useful for some Xfce users, the 
goody is basically a Gtk frontend of the freedesktop system tools 
backends, which will include some administrative tools to perform 
trivial tasks, like change time/data of the system if they are wrong, 
manage users and groups, etc.

I have already some code on this which i would like to host on xfce as a 
goody under the name xfce-system-tools, currently there is two programs:

1)- xfce-users-admin
2)- xfce-time-admin

Both of them now just show the system configuration, changing is 
currently not yet done (and will take some time as this is critical), 
screenshots on [1]:

I will try also to have frontends to start/stop services, samba and NFS 

Your opinion and help are highly appreciated.

[1]: http://www.bubbleshare.com/album/581180/overview

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