[Goodies-dev] Power manager 0.8.0alpha2

Ali Abdallah aliov at xfce.org
Sat Apr 4 13:55:59 CEST 2009


This is a second alpha release of the version 0.8 and here are the changes:

*: Automatically detects of the application inhibiting the power manager 
crashed and didn't send UnInhibit message with the cookie. (Media player 
for example).
*: Brightness popup indicating the current brightness level when the 
user presses brightness up or down keys.
*: Block any other notification when the Critical battery notification 
is shown.

*: Exit option in the context menu.

*: Added man pages, thanks for Robby Workman for the help.

*: Fix some issues with wrong values shown in the settings dialog.


Cheers and have a nice day,

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