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Possible fix for the missing tooltips

In GTK 2.12 the tooltips code has been reworked but there was a bug that
prevented that changed tooltips updated when already shown. See
This bug has been fixed in GTK 2.16 and while GTK now works properly, I think
this is why the panel plugin is broken.

In GTK 2.12 new settings for the tooltips timeouts were added, these timeouts
default to 500ms but the panel plugin updates its tooltips every 250ms. So, the
timeout never gets activated because it's invalidated by the tooltip update by
the plugin.

The attached patch tries to workaround this problem by reducing the GTK setting
for the tooltip timeout to something less than 250ms so the timeout gets
activated. This is not the best solution but the easiest.

A real fix would be to use the new GTK tooltips API and connect to the
"query-tooltip" signal but these changes require GTK 2.12 while the attached
patch just works.

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