[Goodies-dev] Announcing xfce4-playercontrol-plugin

Kemal Ilgar Eroglu ilgar_eroglu at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 12:29:04 CET 2008

Hi Landry,

>    3. Re: Announcing xfce4-playercontrol-plugin (Landry Breuil)
> I don't really use libmpdclient, it's an optional dependency,
> otherwise the plugin uses its own communication layer with mpd. I
> can't really judge if it's "better coded", but it works fine for me
> and is feature complete. I have no idea if you could implement the
> same specific features (i.e playlist) for xmms/audacious though. Ah,
> and i don't have lots of time to work on it atm..

It's better coded in the sense that my code doesn't do error checks etc. properly, your code seems to be more careful about that. Besides I don't quite understand how libmpdclient.h works, sometimes you have to call mpd_finishCommand, sometimes not. Actually it should be really easy to port your communication layer to the panelcontrol plugin, one just has to fill in the template file I provide (or modify the existing mpd.c). Like if you have a "play" function we just call it in mpd.c's player_play function. The tricky part is the init and deinit functions for creating the connection and allocating memory for the private data needed to control mpd.

As for the playlist, it should also be ready-to-port as vell, since there's the player_pl_win_toggle function responsible for displaying the playlist. It's called via a right-click menu entry.

> Are the screenshots updated on the wiki page ?

I didn't update the screenshots because the plugin still looks the same. It's the internals that have changed.

> Landry


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