[Goodies-dev] [Bug 2929] xmms pluging memory leak

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------- Comment #1 from kieroglu at math.washington.edu  2007-02-20 11:30 UTC -------
Can you give more detailed info on the libraries and versions you use? And how
did you make sure that the memleak was caused by the plugin? I'm constantly
running it but I see no leak.

There were a couple of places in the code where (because of insufficient
documentation) we weren't sure whether to free or not certain variables (and as
far as I remember freeing was the choice in such situations); but even in that
case the variables in question are quite small in size; so they wouldn't be
enough to fill a 1 GB memory in many days

The high CPU usage is also unusual; this is the first memleak/high CPU report
that I got about the XMMS plugin.

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