[Goodies-dev] FAQ / Tutorial for beginner?

thankyousam thankyousam at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 18:57:15 CET 2006

Hi guys,

I'd like to develop a panel plugin to display the status of the keyboard 
LEDs (cap lock, scroll lock and num lock) as my wireless keyboard 
doesn't have any visual indicators.

I've looked through some of the API documents but it's been a long time 
since I looked at any C/C++ so am completely perplexed :o( .  I read 
somewhere about wrappers for other languages but I can't find a 
tutorial/simple example of such a wrapper.  My preference would not be 
to use C, Python or Perl would be good - although I don't know what is 

So any pointers or help people can offer would be greatly appreciated.  
I could really do with a basic plugin that I could change and add to.



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