[Goodies-dev] Weather plugin

Alexander Iliev sasoiliev at mamul.org
Sun Jun 18 21:01:13 CEST 2006

John Thompson wrote:
> I'd like to contact the developer/maintainer for the weather plugin with
> a couple suggestions -- I don't see a direct way to contact him on the
> sourceforge pages.
> I use XFCE on an old Thinkpad-240 and find the weather plugin to be
> quite handy, but when I resume my session from "suspend" mode, I have to
> manually reload the weather information by MB2 on the taskbar button,
> select "Properties" and then "Close." My Trackpoint dexterity is not
> always the best, and so on more than one occasion I have accidentally
> selected "Remove" instead of "Properties" and lost all my weather
> customizations with the taskbar button.
> So, what I'd like to see is perhaps an option for a confirmation dialog
> on button deletions, and maybe a MB2 menu item to refresh the weather
> data without having to open the "Properties" window.

I don't know if there is a way to emulate a three-button mouse with
your trackpoint (Option "Emulate3Buttons" "True" in xorg.conf?), but
clicking on the plugin with the middle mouse button refreshes the
plugin (i.e. gets the latest info).

> Possible?
> Thanks!

btw, you should create a new message instead of just replying to one
and changing the subject, since this way the thread gets messed up. :)

Alexander Iliev

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