[Goodies-dev] New wavelan-plugin

Martin Forsgren mk0foma at student.chalmers.se
Mon Aug 21 22:53:51 CEST 2006


  Forgot the script in my last mail.

  You can find it here. Realy small.

Its alpha-software, and you know what that means. But I hope
it works for someone more then me.

  I will try to create a panel-plugin for it. But don't wait
to much. I have to many projects and to little disiplin.

  It would be fun to here some more opinions and idéas.
( Thanks Juju, Im new to this with software-developement
to the public so its nice with some feedback ).

  Best regards
  Martin Forsgren

Den 2006-08-21 09:19:31 skrev Juju <jujucece at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> This new plugin seems very interesting...
> In my opinion, the drawbacks of the previous plugin was :
> - the bar which wasn't a "xfce style bar"
> - the icon which was a bit big
> It's also a good idea to use the plugin to switch between connections.
> I really need this functionnality.
> Bye,
> Juju
> 2006/8/20, Martin Forsgren <mk0foma at student.chalmers.se>:
>> Hi!
>> First thanks for all great panel plugins to the
>> great Xfce-environment.
>> Here is an idéa for an update or variant to the
>> wavelan plugin.
>> Screenshot is hopefully included.
>> It allows you to see other possible connections and
>> choose them. Turn on/off your wlan and create a new
>> connection. ( Like in OSX if you seen it and probably
>> many more desktop managers ).
>> It requires at least perl-gtk2 and libgtk2-trayicon-perl
>> Not sure if there are any more dependencies.
>> Two files act as helper scripts for changes to ifconfig
>> and iwconfig. They need to be run as root (As far as I know).
>> My solution is a new group, for example wlan. Every user
>> in this group can run this two scripts.
>> It needs a littel work and if incoperated with the wavelan
>> plugin it should probably be ported to C. I would then
>> need some help. I've never used gtk2 for C but I'll guess
>> I can learn ;) Or someone will have to fix some new
>> perl bindings for the panel.
>> Are you interested helping me? do you have any
>> thoughts about it? or any questions?
>> Best regards
>> Martin Forsgren
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