[Goodies-dev] XKB, libxklavier and XFCE 4.4 problem

Alexander Iliev sasoiliev at mamul.org
Mon Aug 7 21:08:57 CEST 2006

Hi all.

I'm trying to rewrite the XKB plugin for XFCE using libxklavier,
but I ran into some problems.

Under XFCE 4.4 (beta 1 and 2) I observe strange behaviour when
switching between keyboard layouts. I've ported the plugin to
XFCE 4.4, but when I try to replace the Xkb*() calls with those
from libxklavier the layout swithing gets totaly messed up.

So, I'd like to ask whoever wishes to help - build the attached

gcc -o xkl-test -lxklavier `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0` \
   `pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0` main.c

and run it, for example with two keyboard layouts configured. Try
to switch between them and watch if the correct layout is printed
to stdout.

I want to check whether my XFCE 4.4 installation is messed up or
there is some other problem with XFCE 4.4/libxklavier, since with
XFCE 4.2 the attached program works fine (e.g. displays the correct

Any ideas on how to track down the problem are welcome. :)

Alexander Iliev

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